Economics 224: Regulation and Antitrust

Professor Christiaan Hogendorn

Prof. Hogendorn's Homepage Course Syllabus

Course Policies

Time and Place: TTh 1:10-2:30 PAC 125
Office Hours: MTWTh 2:30-3:30

If door is open, I may be available, please knock. I also encourage appointments: talk to me before or after class, or call x2108 or e-mail.
E-mail: chogendorn
Problem Sets: There are review problems in the book. These do not have to be turned in, but you are responsible for understanding them. I will hand out a few other review problems.
Exams: There will be three quizzes.
Paper: There will be a term paper in this class. The term paper should examine more closely regulatory or antitrust issues. Prior to sring break, you should send me a one page proposal and arrange a meeting to discuss your paper.
Grading: 20% First Quiz
20% Second Quiz
20% Third Quiz
30% Paper
10% Adjustment for class participation

Each exam question will receive a grade of 0, 1, 2 (the "hurdle" level of understanding), 3, 4 (minor errors), or 5. Papers will receive 0-5 points for each of three criteria: writing, organization, and value added. To find your letter grade equivalent, divide by the number of questions to get your average score on a 0-5 scale. Then convert according to:
4.5=A, 4.0=A-, 3.7=B+, 3.3=B, 3.0=B-, 2.7=C+. 2.3=C, 2.0=C-, 1.7=D+, 1.3=D, 1.0=D-.

Attendance: Please attend classes regularly (your attendance is the most important component of "class participation"). If you know in advance that you will be late or have to leave early, please let me know. Please avoid coming in late so as not to disturb the rest of the class.