Hi, I'm Christiaan Hogendorn (or Chris Hogendorn for short), I'm an associate professor of economics at Wesleyan. This web page used to be my list of New England ice cream, pizza, and clam chowder restaurants that I visit, often with my daughter. I am still making these lists, but now I do it at Yelp.com. Here are links to my lists there:

Chowder List
Ice Cream List
Connecticut Pizza List

One ice cream / pizza / chowder / restaurant icon means food made with real heart, two means absolutely outstanding. My daughter and I are systematic about ice cream and chowder in New England, and pizza in Connecticut. Anything else is more haphazard.
Our list is meant to be exclusive like Michelin stars, so we may like a place very much and still not give it a listing. The date is the last time we visited.

Clam Chowder
We have visited 56 New England-style or Maine-style clam chowder places in New England and given awards to the following 11: There are a few places that deserve mention for really excellent chowders of other types: Johnny Ad's, Old Saybrook, CT (Rhode Island), Davy's Locker, New Bedford, MA (fish), Bobette's Takeout, Milford, CT (mussel), Ceal's Clam Stand, Hampton Beach, NH (seafood), Maine Diner, Wells, ME (seafood).

We have visited 27 promising Connecticut pizza restaurants and given awards to the following 7 (plus 1 outside Connecticut): Ice Cream
We have visited 33 New England homemade ice cream places and given awards to the following 14: Sources
The following are some good local sources of food near Middletown, CT: In Memoriam
These are places that we previously gave awards to and are very sorry to see go out of buisiness.